Choose the plan that fits you.
Weather you are an individual creator, or a large organization with Terabytes of videos you need to search and transcribe, we have a plan that fits you. If you want to pay by the minute, try Pay-As-You-Go!
billed never

  • Upload & Burn-in your own videos + SRT files
  • Unlimited Search of all your videos
  • 100 MB Maximum video upload size
  • Video Storage for 30 days
  • 11 Transcription language profiles
  • Creating & Saving Clips
  • Third party integrations
  • 4k UHD Video Uploads
  • Automatic Transcriptions (pay as you go $1/min)

Automatically transcribe your content up to 95% accuracy with Quicc Transcribe. Your content will be ready for review in minutes, so no more waiting around with your busy workflow!

Add minutes into your account, and Quicc will use them whenever you upload new content! ( P.S. You can get 100hrs/mo on a Pro Plan )

One Time Minutes
annual billing with invoicing

  • Unlimited automatic transcriptions
  • Unlimited Search of all your videos
  • Unlimited Saved video clips
  • Custom Pipelines for video uploads
  • Unlimited Storage Expansion
  • 31 Transcription language profiles
  • 4k UHD Video Uploads
  • Custom Fonts (With Licensing)
  • Content Onboarding
  • All third party integrations
  • Master Service Agreement
  • Custom Invoicing
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Reserved Instance - Priority Video Processing
  • Priority Video Indexing